Hengda New Material Successfully Developed Fluorine-Free Greaseproof Paper

Grease-proof paper is an important category of food packaging paper. According to the data from Market Monitor, the Chinese grease-proof paper market reached 1.581 billion Chinese Yuan in 2021, and the global grease-proof paper market reached 5.296 billion Chinese Yuan in 2021. It is estimated that by 2027, the global grease-proof paper market will reach to 8.597 billion Chinese Yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.3%.

In January 2015, the US FDA announced that it would ban the use of anti-oil agents containing neovaricaine and diethanol amine, Valeric anhydride, and perfluoroalkyl-substituted phosphoric acid for food contact paper and board. In January 2021, the US FDA required manufacturers to voluntarily phase out the use of food contact packaging materials containing PFOA/S within three years, and to enforce it from January 2024. As of July 2022, 26 states in the United States have enacted legislation to restrict the use of PFOA/S, and 11 states have already implemented it. The full implementation of the US ban on fluorine will drive the rapid growth of the non-fluorinated grease-proof paper market, and the market space of existing grease-proof paper will gradually be replaced by non-fluorinated grease-proof paper.

The company has successfully developed non-fluorinated grease-proof paper, which have excellent waterproof and oil-proof properties. It is currently undergoing US FDA verification and is expected to be launched to the market in the near future, leading the food packaging paper industry to develop in the direction of non-fluorinated and non-plastic.
(Data source: US FDA and other publicly disclosed information)